Bail Bond Services

Nelson Bail Bond’s team of experienced bail bondsmen offer advice and render expedited 24-hour bail bonds services for immediate assistance.

All our agents have been working as licensed bail bondsmen for years throughout Florida to help our clients. This diversity and extent of our experiences has gifted us with a deep insight into the criminal procedure and bail processes.

For these reasons, our organization functions based on procedures that can expedite the bail posting processes. We also advise on bail bond consultancy 24 hours a day, our agents can prepare agreements with urgency and will act as guarantors for a diverse set of charges. In particular, among others,

we offer the following bail bonds:

  • Felony Bail Bonds
  • Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
  • Robbery Bail Bonds
  • Marijuana/Drug Bail Bonds
  • Assault Bail Bonds
  • Battery bail Bonds
  • Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds
  • Immigration Bail Bonds

True to our founding principles, we do not ask for collateral except in very rare cases. We only charge our clients a 10% service fee. This percentage applies to the total bond amount that we offer surety bail bond services for. Nelson Bail Bond is also deeply committed to offering unwavering financial support throughout the Orange, Osceola and Seminole County regions and to protect the citizens from undue incarceration.

We have developed our bail bond services to help increase access to bail privileges to a wider group of people, rather than those with financial privilege. To this end, we offer:

  • Signature Releases
  • Sign-only bonds
  • Easy Access to Jail Sites
  • 24 hour availability
  • Follow-up services to avoid forfeiture

After helping our client secure their release from jail, we also keep up with their legal proceedings to help them maintain bail privileges. These privileges also require defendants to be present for all subsequent court sessions and sometimes include travel bans or financial restrictions.

Failure to do so could lead to a forfeiture of bail and immediate arrest. Our agents will also conduct regular follow-ups to help you attend all court sessions as well as advise on the best ways to spend their lives while complying with bail regulations.

Bondsman Orange County Florida

At Nelson Bail Bond services, we do know that every single person can encounter hardships once in a while, and any undesirable incident can happen to you or to the people who are close to you without any prior warning. That is the reason we are committed to be your preferred and trusted bondsman in Orange County, Florida are available 24/7. We are local experts and have years of experience to assist you in the hour of need.

In case you have adequate enough cash to pay out the amount of bail in full, our bail bonds specialists in Orange County, Florida will still advise you to at least talk to us. We assure you that just a single call to our Bail Bond Experts in Seminole County can enable you to avoid a lot of inconvenience.

How Do We Facilitate You

Following are some of the incredible reasons that reveal why bail bond services offered by us are gaining popularity in the whole state.

  • We Save You Precious Time – Whenever it comes to dealing with the legal matters, time is considered as one of the most critical factors. It is true that if you try to get a bail on your own, it can take a lot of invaluable time. On the contrary when you hire our bondsman in Orange County, Florida, our specialists will do whatever it takes to get your beloved relative out of prison as swiftly as possible.
  • We Keep Everything Fully Confidential – Nelson Bail Bonds in Seminole County proficiently take care all of your legal matters while ensuring 100% confidentiality. We never disclose details to anyone without your permission.
  • We Get You Through the Whole Process – When you choose our bail bond experts in Orange County, Florida, we assist you in seamlessly getting through the bailing procedure. We are well acquainted with how local courts work and all ins-and-outs to complete this process quickly and effortlessly.

Call us today on our 24-hour helpline for information on the full extent of our services or to hire our agents to help with your bail process.



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