Need Bail?

Individual liberty is the cornerstone of American society. Among the multiple things that constitute freedom, there’s the right to protection from undue incarceration, a fair trial, and privacy.

Nelson Bail Bond works 24/7 to make sure each of these rights is preservE as you await the conclusion of your trial or its initiation.

Until the time that your trial is concluded, and your legal status has conclusively established. You still have the privileges due to an innocent citizen of the state. Nelson Bail Bond Agents will work to make that happen.

In order to manage a speedy wrap up of the entire situation. It’s essential that you get in touch with our bail bondsmen soon after the arrest. At this moment, they’ll book by the jail authorities and a bail amount shall be set for them. Our agents will require some information necessary to post bail.

Information details

This includes:

  • Where the bail recipient is being detained.
  • How long have they been detained until the point where you called us.
  • What are the charges against them?
  • Whether they are employed.

Each of these questions will help us develop a strategy to ensure the swiftest possible route to completing the bail posting process.

Once you’ve provided us with the aforementioned information, our bail bonds agents will initiate the posting process and will finalize all the paperwork essential to posting bail. Many defendants find it difficult to post bail due to financial constraints and we make it abundantly clear that we will cover 90% of the entire bail amount.

Once these funds have arranged, our agents will get in touch with the jail authorities to post bail on the detainee’s behalf. Upon successful posting, the detainee will release subjected to conditions that govern bail privileges in Florida.

These conditions include compulsory court attendance in all subsequent court proceedings, travel restrictions to count a few. Our agents will keep up with court dates, will supervise any warrant searches and help our clients maintain their defendant’s responsibilities until the conclusion of their trials.

Get in touch with our bail bonds agents, who are available throughout the day for more information on our services or to hire our agents to help you post bail. Remember, the faster you get to us, the quicker we can secure release from jail.



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