How Do Bail Bonds Work

When someone is arrested, it’s possible to have someone pay bail on your behalf. Bail bondsmen act as guarantors who post bail on behalf of their clients to secure their release from jail.

When taking on the financial burden of bail, the agent takes responsibility for the defendant’s compliance with their legal obligation. If you or someone close to you is arrested, you can get in touch with Nelson Bail Bond to help secure their release as soon as possible.



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How does Nelson Bail Bond work?

In the unfortunate event that someone close to you has been arrested, calling us immediately sets you on the quickest path to release.

Our agents will draw up and finalize the bond documentation in return for a service charge (insert service charges). Once the defendant’s been released, we will remind them of upcoming court dates and conduct follow ups to make sure they comply with bail regulations.

When you call us, these are the steps we follow:

  1. Our agents will ask for some basic information, such as:
    • Where the defendant is being held
    • How much time has been spent awaiting bail?
    • What charges have been brought against them?
    • Whether they are employed
  2. A risk assessment is carried out on the basis of the information that is presented. Depending upon the severity of the charges and our understanding of the situation, we will make the decision to offer bail.
  3. You will be required to meet with one of our agents to finalize the paperwork.
  4. Once the paperwork is finalized, our agents will post bail and secure the defendant’s release.

Our agents will work diligently to ensure that your release is secured as soon as possible, and you retain your privileges until the conclusion of your trial.


We have years of experience in giving people access to freedom