Benefits of Using Bail Bonds and How It Can Help You To Save a Lot of Money Overall?

People who have been arrested usually think that the bail that was paid for their freedom is lost money. If you happen to be one of these people, you’re badly mistaken.

What is a bail bond, and how does it work?

When an individual is arrested, the arrest is a procedure used to identify the person and to demand their presence in the Court to answer the charges, whatever they may be. In itself, it must be recognized that the arrest does not mean that the person is legally guilty. On the contrary, he is legally innocent during the criminal process until proven otherwise.

Guilt is not determined until a judge or jury decides, or until the accused person pleads guilty to the charges before a judge in Court. At all times, the defendant has the right to remain silent and have legal representation. Therefore, demanding the presence of the person in the Court is also a key to the system. This is where the idea of ​​a bail comes in.

What is a bond?

A bond is paid upon leaving police custody to ensure the presence of the accused in the Court on the due date. That is, it is paid in the form of a contract and commitment to present yourself, or through your legal representative. The more serious the accusation is, the more essential is the presence of the accused in the Court. Depending on the case, it is necessary to appear several times in the Court. The bond is not lost unless the defendant does not comply with his obligation to appear before the judge.

A bail bond is a smart choice and can save you money. Here are a few benefits.

Save money by paying a fraction

The most significant advantage is that you can quickly spend a fraction of the definite sum. Since we know, the court fees can reach up to thousands of dollars. A small witty portion can make up. This way, once the case is sorted, you can pay the remaining amount later.

Respecting the criteria

The judge or magistrate is responsible for deciding the amount of the release on bail using two general principles:

  • The purpose of bail is not to punish the person, but it serves to help ensure his/her appearance in the Court and must be set with that in mind.
  • The Court takes the seriousness of the current charge against you or your loved one if you have a criminal record and the probability that you will appear to appear in the Court.

Possibility of restoring bail 

What happens when a defendant does not appear in the Court on the due date? First: the bond paid is nonrefundable. There are very few possibilities to restore bond once the defendant has not filed.

The good news!

As long as the case is over without the defendant having fled and, the bail has been maintained without losing it-the paid amount is returned. That is, you can receive the entire amount, and payout of pocket any of the fines and costs imposed by the Court. Or in the same way, the amount already paid as bail can be applied to any fine and cost imposed by the Court regarding the charges.

Another example, if a bail bond agency charges a 10% premium, and the set amount of bail release is $5,000. You or your loved one will pay $500 for bail agency services.

Save time

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